Every website starts with a great domain name. With Millions being registered daily why not search and register yours today.

HocNet offers you a wide variety of domains. Register or transfer your domain name to us.

If you need to transfer one or more of your domains from another registrar then please contact us and we will gladly help and discuss with you the options to move it from one registrar to our registrar.

However if you wish to transfer your domain away from us and onto another registrar or hosting provider please be aware that there is a small fee to pay for the services. Please refer to our domain transfer page for more details

Please note: Top Level Domains names that are newer than 60 days or within 7 from the expiry date can not be transferred in or out of

We are a small hosting company dedicated to provide quality hosting for small web design companies and therefore usually provide multiple domain orders as standard through our registrar. If you require large bulk ordering of domains in the thousands and would like discount services please contact us before hand so that we may discuss your options and needs and will help where we can

Registrars are services dedicated to helping you choose and purchase a domain for your website. They enable you to register as many domains as you want, and either assign them to a site or just save them for later. Either way, you’ll need to pay a yearly fee to maintain ownership of your domain after the initial purchase.

You do not need a hosting account or website hosting account to order and book your domain with a registrar through us. Once you purchase your domain through us your domain is yours. You will need to renew your domain if you want to keep the domain and the cost of renewal can vary depending on the domain and offer you recieve.

Once you have purchased a domain and want to assign it to a website then you will need a hosting account with us. With this account you you will be able to host your domain name along with your website. If you your package includes a free domain then the cost of purchase for your domain is absorbed by us and is registered to you and we can assign that domain to your hosting account where you can point it to your website